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Casts for agriculture

Sample casts:

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Hubs for agriculture

The hubs we manufacture are used in disk harrows which are sold both at domestic and foreign markets. There are two versions available: a regular and maintenance-free hub. The latter one is used increasingly often as it allows for reducing the costs of overall maintenance. The dimensions of the regular hub are as follows: Ø 152 mm, height: 88 mm, six openings, maintenance-free hub dimensions: Ø 152 mm, height: 69 mm, six openings.

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Dragging harrow

This type of machinery is used for loosening the top layer of soil when excessive humidity prevents the use of heavier and more powerful machinery. The harrow cuts the top layer of furrow slice (after winter ploughing) and crushes the crusted soil, thus preventing excessive soil evaporation. Dragging causes soil to dry and warm up quicker, resulting in earlier seeding. The dragging harrow is also used for levelling the soil before seeding during other agro-technical seasons. This type of machinery is usually made of one or several steel angular bars, connected with chains.

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The Crosskill roller consists of wheels which have wedge-shaped lengthwise ribs on both their sides, below the blade. The blade cuts through the soil chunks, which are then crushed by side wedges of disks. This type of roller does not operate as deep as the Cambridge roller and it leaves soil moderately loosened. Our offer includes the Crosskill wheels of Ø375 mm, wheel hub opening Ø52 mm, hub width 109 mm.

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Cambridge Rings

Cambridge rollers consist of alternately-fixed cast smooth rings and flat toothed disks, with the latter having slightly bigger diameter. The disks are installed onto the protruding part of the smooth ring hub and may turn independently. The difference in rotational speed between the rings and disks allows for removing the soil sticking to the roller. The rollers crush the soil chunks and knead them, while leaving moderately loosened soil. Our range of products includes the smooth rings of Ø 480 mm with 62-mm opening, hub width 104 mm; Ø 430 mm with 52-mm opening, hub width 100 mm; toothed rings Ø 490 mm with the 105-mm opening, width 17 mm, Ø 450 mm width 90-mm opening, width 17 mm.