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Flanged and non-flanged

Class LatticeType inletIndex numberType LatticeType frameHeight of corps in H [mm]Mass total in  [kg]Inlet surface.in [dm2 ]Comments
 C250WUB-C402-1110loosenon flangedH15090 9,8 -
WUB1-C402-1000The embedded on a swivel tonon flangedH150 90 9,8-
WU-C402-1010loosefull flanged H150103 9,8-
WU1-C402-1000The embedded on a swivel tofull flangedH150103  9,8-
WU-C1402-1210looseflanged 3/4H15098  9,8-
WU1-C1402-1200The embedded on a swivel toflanged3/4H15098 9,8-
WUK-C1402-1220looseflanged 3/4H150 115 9,8-
WUK1-C1402-1230The embedded on a swivel toflanged3/4H150115 9,8-
WUK-C402-5000loosefull flangedH150116  9,8-
WUK1-C402-5010The embedded on a swivel tofull flangedH150 116  9,8-
WU-C 402-4400loosefull flangedH11593 9,8-
WU1-C402-4500The embedded on a swivel tofull flangedH115939,8-
WU-C1402-4700The embedded on a swivel toflanged3/4H115869,8-
D400WUB-D405-1100loosenon flangedH150 999,8 -
WUB1-D405-1110The embedded on a swivel tonon flangedH1501009,8-
WU-D405-1000loosefull flangedH1501129,8-
WU1-D405-1010The embedded on a swivel tofull flangedH1501129,8-
WU-1D405-1210looseflanged 3/4H1501079,8-
WU1-D1405-9000The embedded on a swivel toflanged 3/4 H1501079,8-


Lifting height [mm]Index numberMass in [kg]

Distance frame applies only to street with loose gully grating