Grey cast iron pipes provide a reliable and resistant system for the drainage of sewage, rainwater and industrial wastewater. It ensures a durable and comprehensive drainage solution that allows to be combined with other components in order to build a perfect network. Socket and plain-end joints enable quick, reliable and cost-effective assembly.

Investors, architects and installers have to cope with ever increasing resistance requirements, aggressive agents and safety standards. We are pleased that our products are becoming more and more frequently included amongst those that have been awarded prestigious certifications. Grey cast iron is resistant to high temperatures and ring crushing. Most of all, however, it is an entirely non-flammable and fully recyclable material.

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SML System

Ideal for rainwater (vacuum and gravity systems) and domestic wastewater up to 95°C of constant flow. Designed for indoor installations with the option of concreting. Characterised by a high vibration damping factor, non-flammability of the material, resistance to abrasion and a low thermal expansion coefficient, i.e. 5.2mm for a 10m section at 50°C. By comparison, a plastic system in the same conditions is prone to elongations of 35mm-100mm.

It is one of the best low noise systems on the market. Diameter range of DN50-DN400, pipe length of L3000. Leak tightness of clamping rings: 0.5 – 10 bar, depending on diameter.


KML System

Designed mainly for aggressive wastewater. It is ideal for the drainage of catering premises, transformer stations, laboratories and industrial wastewater. Resistant to sudden discharge of hot oil or water of up to 120°C. Hotels, restaurants and shopping centres use the system for all kinds of hot grease disposal installations. With its external zinc coating and stainless steel connections, it is suitable for use in the ground. High crushing resistance enables relatively shallow installation under floors. No heating cable required!


Socket cast iron pipe system

The original cast iron pipe system used for decades. The installations made in the 1950s are still operational. To meet our customers’ needs, we include a TPE thermoplastic U-AK gasket in each joint section. Operating temperature for water up to 80°C. Particularly recommended as an anti-vandal system for downpipes. Excellent for renovation of historical buildings.


Socket cast iron pipes for underground installation

A new product in the KZO S.A. range of cast iron pipes. The only grey cast iron socket pipe on the market that is approved for underground installation. Socket joints act as hinges, making the underground system more flexible against the impact of forces. With its high-grade epoxy and zinc components, it meets the EN877 standard requirements. Fixed working temperature up to 95°C for water and domestic sewage.