KZO S.A. has been producing and supplying gray cast iron products of EN GJL 150 and EN GJL 200 class for over 100 years. Currently, gray cast iron with flake graphite is experiencing a renaissance as a construction material, the use of which does not result from the necessity or economic reasons. It’s appreciated for its unique features, such as: very good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, effective vibration damping and good machining properties.



KZO is ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001 certified. It has declarations and certificates of products necessary for placing building materials on the market. The company constantly refines the applied procedures, which improves the production process and the quality of castings.


The company

Share capital of KZO S.A. amounts to PLN 17,400,000 (seventeen million four hundred thousand zlotys) and is divided into 1,740,000 (one million seven hundred and forty thousand) registered shares with a nominal value of PLN 10.00 (ten zlotys) each.