In the late 19th century, three foundries were established in close proximity: Iron Casting Factory and Enamelling Plant called ‘SŁOWIANIN’ owned by M.Hochberg and A.Ajzenberg, S. Kronenblum’s Factory of Iron Castings, Fans and Agricultural Machines and finally Iron Casting Factory and Mechanical Plant by the name of ‘NEPTUN’ owned by J.Mintz.

A depiction of the old foundry

The dynamic industrial development at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in Końskie was possible due to a railway line commissioned in 1885. It enabled the supply of raw materials and the export of goods manufactured by the local plants.

The factories produced the same or a similar range of products. These were kitchen and stove castings (plates, doors, grates, stoves), construction castings (pipes, fittings, balcony grates), kitchen utensils, sanitary castings, agricultural castings (wheel hub bushes for carts), machine castings, etc. The merchandise was highly appreciated by the customers.

drzwiczki ażurowe

balustrada do schodów

krata do balkonu

During the Nazi occupation, after the destruction of the first days of the war had been removed, the plants operated under German leadership until liberation. By order of the Minister of Industry and Trade in 1948, all plants were merged into one company under the name KONECKIE ZAKŁADY ODLEWNICZE. In 1998, the company was commercialized, and as a result, the State Treasury Joint Stock Company was established.

You can download historical resources here:

A monograph for the 120th anniversary of KZO

J. Mintz’s ‘NEPTUN’ factory historic catalogue of 1934

S.Kronenblum’s factory historic catalogue of 1939

Historic catalogue of the ‘Neptun’ company 1939