PED-W0 Certificates

PED Certificates

AD 2000 W0 Certificates

Quality management system certificate

ISO 45001

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

IATF 16949 Certificate

Product Certification

National Certificate of Constancy of Performance


Informacji KZO S.A. o REACH

Declaration of Performance




Stopnie Kanałowe

National declarations of performance

A list of National Declarations of Performance

1. Pipes and fittings with sockets

2. A15 class manholes

3. B125 class manholes

4. B125 class manholes with concrete filled cover

5. C250 class manholes

6. C250 class manholes with concrete filled cover

7. D400 manholes

8. D400 class manholes with concrete filled cover

10. C250 class inlets

11. D400 class inlets

12. Bridge inlets

13. Other inlets

14. Street boxes

15. Bathroom, basement and roof inlets

National Technical Assessment

National Technical Assessment for bridge inlets

National Technical Assessment for pipes and fittings with sockets

Product Certification

Manholes and inlets