SML System


Quality of castings:

SML pipes and fittings are cast of gray cast iron EN-GJL-150 with a flake graphite structure in accordance with DIN1561

Fire protection:

Cast iron products comply with the EN-877 standard, which proves that they are 100% non-flammable.

Acoustic insulation:

Cast iron, thanks to its substantial weight and density, provides an excellent insulation against airborne sound at the level of 30dB, which is comparable to the ticking of a watch. Lower values, even below 15dB, can be achieved by using special mounting technologies that transfer vibrations.

Inner coatings:

SML Pipe: Sand coloured epoxy resin, 100-150 µm thick

SML fitting: Coating of high-opacity red-brown powder paint, thickness 100-200μm

Outer Coatings:

SML pipe: two component, red-brown epoxy paint coating 80-100μm thick

SML fitting: coating of high-opacity red-brown powder paint, thickness 100-200μm

The product is made in accordance with DIN EN 877.

Especially for design offices, we have prepared support in the form of 2D and 3D tools and a number of solutions for indoors installations as well as gravity or vacuum drainage of roofs.

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