Floor intlet

Floor intlet (French type)

Outflow dimension [mm] Strength Hight [mm] Inlet surface [dm²] Weight [kg] Comments Documents
100 A15 140 0,6 7,0 bez zasyfo­nowania Declaration of conformity
Catalogue card
100 A15 140 0,6 8,0 z zasyfo­nowaniem
100 A15 240 0,6 9,0 z zasyfo­nowaniem
100 A15 140 0,6 8,0 z zasyfo­nowaniem,
malowany proszkowo

The inlets are designed to drain water (including rainwater) from hardened surfaces. It is recommended to use inlets on courtyard terraces, basements, industrial premises, garages etc. (not in ceilings) The inlets are protected against corrosion with black asphalt varnish or brown-red powder paint.