Castings moulding

The process of castings moulding is carried out by means of automatic moulding lines. The lines with vertical division of the mould are equipped with an automatic pouring system, temperature control and cast iron modification system. The temperature of the metal is kept constant by the heating inductor.

The line with a horizontal division of the mould is equipped with a cold-chamber pouring furnace.

Type of the moulding machine Machine designation Mould size [mm] Production volume Cast weight [kg]
Automatic moulding line with vertical division LORAMENDI eVMM5070C 675x550x300 medium and large series production 0,5÷25
Automatic moulding line with vertical division DISA 270A 950x700x350 medium and large series production 0,5-40
Automatic moulding line with horizontal division SAVELLI 1000x800x400/400 Small and medium series production 40-150

After being poured and removed from the mould, the castings are transported through the system of vibrating conveyors to the JOST cooling tunnel, where they are cooled to 40oC, and then transferred to the casting cleaning machine.