Quality control labs

Strength and metal structure lab

  • Strength tests (Rp 0,1, Rp 0,2, ReL, Ae, Rm, Fm, Ag, mE) carried out, among others, by means of ZWICK/ ROELL 100 kN device
  • hardness testing: HB Brinell (KP 15001 hardness tester), HRC Rockwell (PW 106 hardness tester) and HB Leeb (MC 550EX hardness tester)
  • metal structure examination with the NIKON Eclipse MA100 metallographic microscope

Chemical composition testing laboratory

  • testing with the SPECTROMAXx spectrometer

Measuring laboratory

  • FARO measuring arm with an optical scanner for measurements of castings and foundry instrumentation
  • testing with an ultrasonic flaw detector Krautkramer USM 36
  • standard measuring tools in the range up to 1000 mm.

Moulding sand workshop

We test the parameters of the moulding sand:

  • compressive strength
  • tensile strength,
  • humidity,
  • compactibility,
  • venting quality,
  • friability,
  • sieve analysis,
  • loss on ignition,
  • active clay testing.