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Towards the end of 19th century in the town of Końskie, three foundries were established in close vicinity of each other: Fabryka Odlewów Żelaznych i Emaliernia SŁOWIANIN (the “SŁOWIANIN” Cast Iron Plant and Paint Shop) owned by M. Hochberg and Ajzenberg, Fabryka Odlewów Żelaznych, Maszyn Rolniczych i Wentylatorów (Cast Iron, Farming Machinery and Ventilator Factory) owned by S. Kronenblum and Fabryka Odlewów Żelaznych i Zakłady Mechaniczne NEPTUN (the “NEPTUN” Cast Iron Factory and Mechanical Works) whose owner was J. Mintz.


Drawing presenting the former foundry

The rapid development of industry in Końskie at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries was made possible by the establishment of a railway connection in 1885, which made possible the supply of raw materials and dispatch of finished goods from the local plants.

All factories produced identical or similar product ranges, i.e. cast iron products for kitchen use and stoves (plates, doors, grates, heaters), cast iron for construction (pipes, fittings, balcony lattices), kitchenware, sanitary items, farming equipment (wheel hub bushes for carts), machine casts etc. These products were renown among the customers.

historia_kzo_2 historia_kzo_3 historia_kzo_4
Openwork door  Stair railing  Balcony lattice

During the time of the German occupation, after the damage of the first days of the war was repaired, the factories continued working until the country was set free. By ordinance of the Minister of Industry and Trade of 1948, all three plants were combined into one factory named Koneckie Zakłady Odlewnicze. In 1998 the company was commercialised resulting in the establishment of a State Treasury Joint Stock Company.
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